8 November 2022

Tlallamiquiliztli inelhuayo

Roots of memory

Tlallamiquiliztli inelhuayo is a novel in the Nahuatl language written by Crispín Martínez Rosas, an Indigenous author from a Nahua community in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Enriched with descriptions of local customs and beliefs, it immerses us in the reality of the inhabitants of a small, Native village engaged in a dispute over land with Church and government-backed paramilitary forces in the 1970s.

Tlallamiquiliztli inelhuayo ce xochitlapohualiztli ica nahuatl tlen quiihcuiloh Crispín Martínez Rosas. Ya ce macehualli xochitlahcuilohquetl tlen ehua pan chinanco tlen Veracruz, Mexihcotlalli. Iamox quinechicoa ixtlamatiliztli tlen campeca huan tlallamiquiztli tlen oncah pan chicancomeh, techcalaquia pan ce nemiliztli tlen ce cuecuetztzin chinanco tlen campa ni macehualmeh quintotocah campa mochantlalihtoqueh, pampa tlen tlahuel tominpiyah huan ica inintlapalehuiliz totahtzitzin, tzoncotomeh huan huei tlanahuatihquetl tlen 1970 quinchololtiah macehualmeh tlen ni chinanco.


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Author: Martínez Rosas Crispín


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