28 February 2023

Our first seminar meeting of the summer semester will take place on March, 1st 2023 at 16:45 CET

Let’s keep our mother tongue. Ma ticpiyacan tonantlahtol

Having studied computer analytics at the Institute of Cybernetics and Computing, Campus Texcoco, Andres Peralta Rojas served as Internal Controller in his community in 2001. Since 2013 he has dedicated himself to studying Nahuatl, the language of his ancestors, and trained as a Community Forestry Promoter with CONAFOR as well as working as an activist in CONAGUA. Currently Andres Peralta Rojas is a teacher of the Nahuatl language at the Chimalhuacán Polytechnic University and a radio announcer for its program Xochikweponi tonantlahtol. He is an experienced translator and is one of INALI’s advisors for the Standardization of Nahuatl Writing. He has authored three literary works, the last one titled In Kwawtlahpixkeh, Los Forestales.

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