Wymysiöejer fibl

2014.12.03 | Warsaw

“Wymysiöejer fibl” is our second book of the series „Ynzer kyndyn”, dedicated to young readers. Although a growing children’s literature fills a large gap in the Wilamowicean writing tradition, “Wymysiöejer fibl” attempts to reach a wider audience as well. The illustrations, which depict everyday life of the Wilamowicean people, their traditional clothes, celebrations and landscapes, allow the reader to immerse himself in the Wilamowicean culture. The pictures were made by a Vilamovian- Justyna Majerska. This example breaks another stereotype about Wymysorys- that people from Wilamowicean community do not engage in the revitalization of their language.

Justyna Majerska

ISBN 978-83-63636-27-2


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