A Wisła dalej płynie

8 November 2022

And the Vistula flows on Petro Murianka, a Lemko born in Lower Silesia, where his family was relocated during the Operation Vistula, in his autobiogra...

Tlallamiquiliztli inelhuayo

8 November 2022

Roots of memory Tlallamiquiliztli inelhuayo is a novel in the Nahuatl language written by Crispín Martínez Rosas, an Indigenous author from a Nahua co...

Wymysiöeryśy komiksa

28 May 2021

Wymysiöeryśy komiksa is a comic book in the Wymysiöeryś language created in the photo comic style by Mjeta fum Biöetuł. It contains two stories, both ...


14 May 2021

Menćłikkȧjt is a volume of poetry by the well-known revitaliser of the Wymysiöeryś language, Tiöma fum Dökter. Braiding together local issues with lar...

Tlaoxticah in tlahtolli

25 August 2020

Volume of poetry by Ethel Xochitiotzin Pérez, the Nahuatl-speaking poet from Tlaxcala. Xochicuicaamoxtli tlen quihcuiloh Ethel Xochitiotzin Pérez, ce ...


1 December 2017

Citlalmachiyotl1 “The Star Sign” is an exquisite example of colonial Nahua literature, one of the pearls of the erudite vein of native writing created...


1 December 2017

Citlalmachiyotl Author: Louise M. Burkhart, Abelardo de la Cruz de la Cruz & John Sullivan ISBN 978-83-63636-70-8 2017

Heći Peći.

3 December 2016

Heći Peći. Podręcznik do nauki języka wilamowskiego. /Handbook for learning the Vilamovian language/ Author: Tymoteusz Król, Tomasz Wicherkiewicz, Jus...


2 November 2016

A monolingual dictionary of Nahuatl Author: John Sullivan Eduardo de la Cruz Cruz Abelardo de la Cruz de la Cruz Delfi na de la Cruz de la Cruz Victor...

Nahui tonatiuh (Tlaxcala)

2 December 2015

Nahui tonatiuh (Tlaxcala) A story in modern Nahuatl based upon a prehispanic Aztec myth (written down in the 16th century) about the creation of subse...

Nahui tonatiuh (La Huasteca)

2 December 2015

Nahui tonatiuh (La Huasteca) A story in modern Nahuatl based upon a prehispanic Aztec myth (written down in the 16th century) about the creation of su...


1 December 2015

Tlahtolcozcatl In tlapohual tlen mocaqui nican tlaxcallan Author: Refugio Nava Nava, Beatriz Cuahutle Bautista ISBN 978-83-63636-43-2 2015

Ynzer boümmüter

5 December 2014

“Ynzer boümmüter” is the first children’s book in Wymysorys language, authored by Carlo Ritchie- an Australian linguist and the foun...

Wymysiöejer fibl

3 December 2014

“Wymysiöejer fibl” is our second book of the series „Ynzer kyndyn”, dedicated to young readers. Although a growing children’s literature f...


2 December 2014

“Chalchihuicozcatl” is a volume of Nahuatl poetry by Gustavo Zapoteco Sideño, a renowned Mexican poet. Author: Gustavo Zapoteco Sideño ISB...

Malintzin Itlahtol

2 November 2013

“Malintzin Itlahtol” is the first publication in modern Nahuatl in standardized orthography based on colonial orthography and contemporary lingu...

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