5 January 2024

The next meeting in the seminar series: “Decolonizing the Study of Writing Systems” – Harri Kettunen, January 10, 2024

The next meeting in the seminar series of the Center for Research and Practice in Cultural Continuity “Decolonizing approaches to studying history and linguistic-cultural heritage. Methods, tools, results and challenges” :
“Decolonizing the Study of Writing Systems”
will take place on
January 10, 2024

at 16:45 CET.

The history of studying world’s writing systems has traditionally been based on evolutionary, teleological, and oversystematized models originating in the Western tradition of exploring Old World scripts. As a consequence, various early non-Western writing systems have been classified as pictographic, ideographic, or semasiographic scripts without a closer examination of the inner workings of each writing system. This presentation addresses the issues of writing system typologies with a special focus on Mesoamerican scripts. It also explores the relatively recent Indigenous agency regarding the study and use of native writing systems of the Americas.
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