17 April 2023

The next meeting in the seminar series: Decolonizing Writing? – Tim Brookes, April 19, 2023

The next meeting in the seminar series of the Center for Research and Practice in Cultural Continuity “Decolonizing approaches to studying history and linguistic-cultural heritage. Methods, tools, results and challenges”

will take place on

April 19th, 2023

16:45 CET

Decolonizing Writing?

A remarkable number of Western beliefs about writing were founded by people whose experience of the world’s writing systems was extremely narrow, and whose view of non-Western scripts was, to say the least, colonial, condescending, and short-sighted. After a dozen years of studying minority writing systems worldwide and working with their communities on revitalization efforts, Tim Brookes discusses what these scripts and their inherent beliefs about writing have to teach us about our own Western attitudes and beliefs.
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